Air Conditioner Upkeep

AC-repairIf you haven’t put in your air conditioner yet, you may be thinking that now’s the time. With summer starting to wrap her hot arms around us in the Garden State, we all are scrambling to get things together to ensure that summer stays outdoors. But while you’re putting up your air conditioning unit, or before you turn on the large central air in your office, here are a few things to remember when it comes to keeping up the maintenance. One of the best ways to ensure that your AC lives a good, long life is far simpler than small fixes – it’s cleaning the unit. While iRepair offers routine maintenance and repairing of your AC unit, you can keep these repairs and maintenance down to a minimum if you keep your unit clean. Here are some basic ways to keep your unit clean:


  1. What sort of air conditioner do you have? Keeping in mind that not all AC units are made equal, take a look at the brand and type of AC that you have. Is it a large, centralized air system? Or a small, stand-alone AC for the home? Each brand and type has specific requirements when it comes to cleaning them, so make sure you keep an eye on your manual for ideas on how to keep it clean.
  2. Keep sprinklers from sprinkling on your AC. If you have sprinklers and they are throwing water on your air conditioner, then the chances of your AC rusting goes up quite a bit. This is especially true for those who have well water! If water is spraying on your outside unit (or anything that hangs outside), move it quickly. It will cause your condenser to work more quickly, and from there make it harder for your AC to work – remember, this may not be covered in your warranty, so keep all water as far away from the AC as you can.


Next week we’ll have a few more suggestions, so keep an eye out!
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