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It is common that our home accessories may require emergency maintenance services. The most common areas that require urgency are Plumbing, Heating and cooling. These repair services require professionalism and skill at such an urgent time. With more than 15 years of experience, we have a team of experts with the right knowledge and technology to cater for your repair problems.

That time when your furnace or boiler shuts down, we are a call away to service it at affordable prices. A broken tap or water pipe can cause big losses but within minutes of informing us, we are at your doorstep. More to it, we give you some bargaining room since we charge per job. Your comfort and safety are our priority, and we are always at your service.

Our services

Within the 15 years of being in this market, we have invested on including all relevant services at affordable prices. Our quality of work is excellent thanks to the experience technicians.

Urgent services

Plumbing and air conditioning are services that require an emergency response. At such a time, you need a qualified and fast technician to solve the problem. Irepair Kinnelon NJ has a mobile technical team who are honest and passionate about their work.

Ventilation solutions

Air conditioning is a vital installation in our homes. Any problems including improper installation can cause havoc to residents. It is always advisable to contact professionals to cater for all your ventilation repairs and installation. Irepair team has enough material and work experience to make your home well ventilated and offer maintenance at very cheap fees.

Drainage, plumbing and sewerage in Kinnelon NJ

These are very essential and technical home services that call for professionalism and experience. Improper plumbing, uneven drainages, and sewer system will make your home get messy. Other than installation, repair and servicing of these areas require understanding of home designs. We use the latest technology such as a low-cost TV inspection to trace inbuilt drainage problems.

Heating and cooling department

Heating and cooling is a necessary home accessory. Since these are high-risk equipment, any faulty installation or repair is dangerous. We offer affordable but quality boiler, furnace and hot water installation and maintenance services. We have the relevant certifications and licenses required by the law to deal with this department.

All home and commercial services

We are not limited to just your home; we can offer any of our services to your offices and institution. Our team has gone through enough training to handle all our services. The nature and size of replacement are not as important as everything running back to normal is. Contact us for quality and affordable repair and installation services.

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