Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape!

Keeping your air conditioner in good repair is something that iRepair excels at, but keeping your air conditioner clean is something that you should keep an eye on yourself to ensure that the longevity of your AC holds up to what the manual says it can handle. It’s not hard to keep your AC clear and clean, but we’ve come up with a few more tips to help you keep up the maintenance without worrying about having to call a professional.

  1.    Keep enough space around your AC. Keeping space around your air conditioner ensures that there is enough air flow around the unit. Without enough air flow, your air conditioner can’t collect enough air to send back out at you, and this can cause problems. You want to make sure there is nothing in front of the vents or blocking the airway so that your air conditioner doesn’t have to pull double duty for something that should be easy for it. Think of it like a vacuum cleaner – if there’s something in the way of the tube or the suction, then your vacuum won’t work very well and will probably overheat. The same goes for your air conditioner, so keep a two-foot radius around it to be safe.
  2.       Keep it debris free. There is a lot of junk that floats around in the air, especially outside. Because of this, the outside of your AC unit can come into contact with a multitude of junk and debris like dust, dirt, pollen, and other bothersome particles. You want to make sure that you keep any debris away and off of your air conditioner as often as possible; this includes checking the vents, coils, or other parts that could be in danger of gathering dust or rust. You can vacuum or wipe down the outside (and inside) parts, but don’t use anything that is too strong or you risk harming the components of your air conditioner.

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