Optimize Air Conditioner Efficiency

With summer blisteringly hot outside, most of us want to take refuge in a nice cool home. We here at iRepair absolutely understand that. However, could you be overworking your air conditioner? Could you save more money on your electrical bill with some simple changes to how your AC is running? Could your house possibly get, and stay, any cooler? It’s possible! We’ve come up with some great tips to help you keep your house cool and functional.

Play Tetris – And, no, we don’t mean the game. We mean your furniture! If your air conditioning vents are under a couch or chair or even a coffee table, the chances of you cooling only the underside of these objects is obvious. To make sure you are getting maximum cooling from your HVAC system, try moving around your furniture and see what a difference it makes.

Lights on Lights off – If you don’t need to have your lights on, then keep them off! Much of the heat that is accumulating in your home can come from your lights being on all the time. If you’re not home, or if you’re not in a particular room, then turn the lights off! This will not only save on your energy bill for lighting, it’ll help your AC keep the house cooler without overworking.

Keep a Steady 78 – Believe it or not, but your air conditioner will work better if set to a steady temperature like 78. Think of 78 like cruise control on your car. It allows your air conditioner to work at a steady pace without overworking, and can actually help it do a much better job in keeping your house cool. Don’t try to cool your house with a low temperature, start higher, stay cooler longer.

Remember, if you’re having trouble with your air conditioner that cannot be fixed by you, contact iRepair immediately and we’ll be at your home to figure it out.

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