How to Prepare Your Heater Before Winter

It is recommended that you have a professional surface maintenance and tune up done at least once a year to prevent breakdown during winter when the furnace is needed most.

When is the appropriate time for furnace maintenance?

Experts recommend an annual check just before the winter season. The heating unit, just like any other appliance, requires regular maintenance. Many heating surfaces aren’t in use for about six months out of a year hence there’s ample time for dirt and dust to build up in the components. This prevents the heating furnace from performing at peak performance during the cold season. The annual inspection ensures that all the components of the heating unit are cleaned and lubricated hence tuning up its performance.

There are many benefits to getting a routine maintenance and service of your heating surface. Call and engage an expert at IrepairHVAC, New Jersy to learn more about regular or emergency heating unit maintenance.

Benefits of routine heating surface maintenance

Better energy efficiency and lower energy costs

An annual inspection ensures that the heating surfaces are cleaned up hence working at peak performance during the winter period. When the heating furnace is performing at peak efficiency, it is usually reflected on the lower energy bill. Keeping your system well maintained means lower bills.

Longer useful life

Maintenance is important in prolonging the usefulness of any of your installation. Regular maintenance of the heating unit prolongs its life hence saving you money on prematurely replacing your system. Annual preventive maintenance also ensures the heating system isn’t bogged down in the extreme weather.

Keeps your family and house safe

Regular maintenance ensures there are no cracks and leakages in your heating system. When the heating furnace is working, fuel burning produces carbon monoxide which may leak- posing a health risk to your family- if there are cracks in the system. Monoxide poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea or coma. Routine heating system maintenance reduces the health risk.

Fewer system repairs

Routine inspection of the heating unit ensures that the technician inspects all problems hence they are able to detect and repair small problems before they result into bigger and more expensive repairs. Cleaning, lubrication, and assessment ensure peak performance and fewer breakdowns during operation.

Help keep a valid warranty

Many heating system manufacturers require at least one maintenance service per year in order to maintain the warranty. So, regular maintenance can save you money in case of expensive repairs in the future.

Taking care of your heating furnace has plenty of benefits and getting regular annual maintenance is a critical step. The first step is to contact an emergency heating unit service expert at IrepairHVAC in New Jersey who come and inspect your system and advise you accordingly. This will help in keeping your home comfortable when the cold weather comes, and it will also save you time as it will not need any additional service during winter.

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