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Every once in a while families and households experience leaking drains or damaged faucets that need urgent repair or replacement. If you reside in Boonton NJ, then Irepair is interested in helping you out of your current predicament. Irepair has been serving households and commercial clients for a long time and is acknowledged as a leader in providing creative solutions to Plumbing problems. Our business hires professionals who are experienced in providing our array of innovative products to our precious clients. We do not compromise on quality and try to maintain a constant relationship with our clients. To us, it is important to have a customer than to need one.

Repair Services

Water is very essential for operations in any domestic setup. Therefore damages and leaks on pipes and faucets pose a serious problem. The same also applies to food waste and other materials transported through the same systems. Our team of experts is capable of handling any malfunctions that may arise in your home. Upon engaging our services, they are immediately dispatched to your location. They will inspect the nature of the problem and recommend a course of action. With your agreement, the necessary repairs will commence.

Plumbing and Heating

Our Plumbing Heating and Cooling products are designed to cater to different facilities. We guarantee flexibility in this regard as we understand every client has a unique challenge. Repairs on heaters on house tanks are just a few of the areas we provide customized service. We are well versed with the different models and brands so you can rest be assured we are on top of things. Our employees are proactive, friendly and of the highest integrity. Any issues with your toilet drainage or sink pipes will be addressed immediately. Irepair has an excellent track record when it comes to repairing gas pipes or kitchen connections. A quick word from any of our referrals and you can confirm this for yourself.

Installation and Replacement

We also do the installation of a variety of equipment and appliances. Whether it is Kitchen or bathroom you can trust us to deliver. Our assistance is not only limited to installation, but we also do follow for all our services to ensure our esteemed clients are satisfied are enjoying our services. At Irepair we take pride in having a close knit family.

We understand these days many people are operating on limited budgets. Therefore our prices reflect our flexibility and fairness. We provide top quality work at the best price possible. We do not charge an hourly rate . Instead we agree on a flat rate with our clients. We also offer discounts and give away replacements and installations to prospective clients.

We Guarantee

  • Full year work is guaranteed
  • Flat rate pricing
  • No charge hourly rates
  • Job experience
  • Regular checkups on repair issues
  • We are insured and have proper licenses

Get In Touch

If you have an emergency or in need, have our expert services contact us immediately. Our call center experts are willing to engage you immediately.

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