Top Hot Water Heaters Sold Today

If you are about to start shopping around for a hot water heater, it might be a good idea to read this article first. We have provided you with a list of a few of the most popular hot water heaters sold and installed today. You will be able to choose from a tankless water heater, which is also eco-friendly or a traditional water heater. Here are the differences.

Home WaterheaterTraditional Water Heater- Stores heated water constantly

Notable factors:

  • Cost effective.
  • Can be installed in a garage, closet or basement.
  • Up to 80-gallon capacity.

tankless-water-heater-irepairTankless Water Heater- Requires a gas burner to heat cold water. It can also heat water through electric components while it makes its way through the water heater.

Notable factors:

  • High-cost investment.
  • Can be hung on walls, leaving space on your floors.
  • If used too often, it can run out of water.
  • Ventilation required.

Manufacturer brands most popular options:

General Electric
Manufactures gas and electric hot water heaters. They offer various sizes. Energy-Efficiency varies by size. GE heaters offer you different levels of warranty coverage. More recently, GE began to manufacturer GeoSpring, which are heat pump electric water heaters. Ask IRepair technician for details, if interested.

A.O. Smith
Manufactures both residential and commercial water heaters. A.O. Smith offers a condensing gas hot water heater, which enables homeowners to cut fuel cost by 25% compared to traditional gas models. This heater is Energy Star Qualified with a thermal efficiency of 96%. It comes with a large 50-gallon tank.


Kenmore’s Power Miser and HydroSense water heaters use natural and propane gas and are designed for residential use. Power Miser units offer a capacity of up to 75 gallons, with three different warranty types. The Power Miser is considered one of Kenmore’s best water heaters sold at Sears.

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