What’s Wrong With the AC?

If your air conditioner seems to be on the fritz without anything that looks serious, then there is a good chance that it is just suffering from a minor infraction. Air conditioners can be fickle at times, and though they look good on the outside, can often have problems that could escalate if not cared for swiftly. But if you’re curious as to what sorts of things could go wrong with your AC unit without it completely broken down, we’ve come up with a short list of things that could affect your cooling apparatus.

Air Conditioning Repair Clifton NJProbably one of the most common things we see is refrigerant problems. The refrigerant could need to be charged, filled, or it could be leaking. This causes the air conditioner to lose its functionality and it will no longer be able to cool the air it pulls in, leaving your home or office warm.

If your refrigerant is fine, then the problem could rest with your sensor. If your sensor is broken and isn’t reading the temperature in the room and AC correctly, it can make your unit act both sporadically and keep it from functioning properly.

You could have a problem with your wiring – this is a serious problem, though it may seem easy enough to fix, and should be handled by a professional. Faulty wiring or worn out parts in your air conditioner can result in overworking it or even a fire. Keep a close eye on your air conditioner if you suspect faulty wiring and call your nearest HVAC company to handle it.
IRepair is a company that is more than capable of handling all of your HVAC needs. No job is too small, or too big, for our highly trained technicians! Call us today if you suspect something is wrong with your air conditioner and we will be at your door as soon as possible to fix it.

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